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Nearby Trendings (with dista »

This widget displays a list of the trending places near your listing. It is a dynamic list, it will also calculates the distance from the listing an it will output the walking distance, in time. You can set how many More Info »

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Latest Global Tweets

This widget will show the latest global tweets. It grabs all the Twitter ID from the places (if those are filled in during the registration process). Go to Appeareances-Widgets and add the widget where you want. NOTE: it will grab, More Info »

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GT - Featured Businesses Wid »

This widget will list the featured businesses. You can set how many to list. Just install it as a normal plugin and then set it to a sidebar widget area.

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GT - Click To Call

This widget will show a phone icon to the user visiting the website from mobile. If the user clicks on that icon the user automatically will call the phone number of the page he is visiting. Phone numbers are AUTOMATICALLY More Info »

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GT - Last Tweet for Venues

UPDATE- now rewritten with the new Twitter API 1.1, you need to authenticate to make it work This widget will automatically display the latest tweet from a venue. It will uses the Twitter information given in GeoTheme and it can More Info »

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Foursquare Comment Importer

No more lonely pages without comments! This add-on imports and shows the Foursquare comments (TIPS) automatically in each page (below the comments written on the website). It also sums up with the comments when the venues are listed (eg. if More Info »

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Image grabber for places

Sorry for the lack of creativity about choosing the title for this addon :) This addon will add a slideshow in the pages WITHOUT pictures. No more listings without images! How it works? It grabs the public images from a More Info »

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GeoTheme Foursquare Pictures

This widget displays the pictures taken from Foursquare (and so Instagram, if the user is sharing pics to Foursquare). It creates a slideshow with the latest public images from a venue. You can enable/disable the caption that will shows the More Info »

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GeoTheme Marker Cluster Map »

No more mess in your map! This tweak enable the MakerCluster on your map AND the Auto info Window, useful for maps with a lot of pins. Basically it shows up a Pin with a "count" of pins in a More Info »

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GeoTheme Map Auto Info Windo »

This addon will add an auto info window on your map. Every 5 seconds a random window will popup on your map, displaying the info of a random place. NOTE- this is only the auto info window addon (without the More Info »

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